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12:40:04 PM Jan 3rd 2014
It says no real life examples, but the thing is there have been genuine real life examples! Take for example Palo Mayombe practitioner Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo. While Palo Mayombe may not be a religion of evil per se, the cult formed around this man was an admitted example. He announced he had no god, that his soul was dead and that he worshiped evil for money and security. His "worship" involved copious kidnapping and human sacrifice and he had followers convinced of he had magic power.

God of Evil has real life examples already so I see no reason why this trope should have different guidelines. "To avoid controversy, just because a religion has elements that could be considered evil does not make it an example. It must be a religion dedicated to the doing and or service of evil."

Mahammada's demonic religion, may or may not have ever existed but it was foretold in the Bhavishya Purana to be a deliberate corruption of religion whose followers would be dedicated to unnecessary noise, gluttony, wickedness and beards has some Hindus weary of its appearance, as does the violent self indulgent sects that will be brought on by false prophets such as the man of lawlessness and the beast in the New Testament. In fact, the idea of a religion of evil at least is one that is older than dirt since the Egyptians believed Apep had such a following (even if history says otherwise) the fact that people believed it to exist/be coming is good enough for a real life folder.
12:53:54 PM Jan 3rd 2014
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The reason for no real life examples of this trope is because this is a VERY controversial subject and likely to attract Edit Wars. Everyone has their own opinion on which religions and which gods are evil or not, and when those opinions clash, things have a tendency to get ugly and flamey quite quickly. And the people in charge of this wiki do not want that.
08:11:22 AM Jan 13th 2014
It is not really an opinion when someone bases their own religion around evil, and even if the textual examples are technically opinion, there is not much to dispute when someone writes a detailed description of such. God of Evil gets by just fine despite having a couple gods people worship on it.
06:10:00 PM Mar 30th 2013
edited by TauWarrior566
  • Rocko's Modern Life: In the episode "Schnit-heads", Heffer is seduced into a sausage-worshiping cult, who also execute un-believers with bowling balls.

Heffer is greeted by a sausage salemen who is also is a leader of a wierd cult that worships sausages. Heffer relutently joins, but he does not realize, that once he joined that cult he could never leave. His friend Rocko did not know what Heffer was getting himself into. When Heffer began to introduce pepperoni pizza, the cult leader begins to turn angry. He then sentenced Heffer to Hard Labor on the Sour-Kraut Fields. When Rocko tries to visit Heffer, he finds out that not only is this sausage cult was fascist & evil, but also Heffer is forced onto the Sour-Kraut Fields for all of etrnity. Rocko and Filbert try and fail to save Heffer. Just as they were about to be executed by the sausage cult, they were saved by an unlikly fellow: Really Really Big Man, disguised as The Mighty King of Wieners.
09:18:45 PM Apr 17th 2012
Regarding the Higurashi example, since what's really going on is good intentions of the deity in question gone renegade, wouldn't that example be closer to a Corrupt Church than a religion of evil>?
02:44:56 PM Oct 18th 2010
Some of the examples given are more of "my crazy uses religious imagery" than a genuine, organized Religion of Evil. There's a big difference between "Organized Cult of Satanists Trying To Bring About the End of Days" and "Lone Serial Killer Has A Shrine With Black Candles and Dead Housecats". If we don't have a separate trope for ""Jesus In My Cheerios Told Me To Kill Them All", we should.
01:17:14 PM Oct 19th 2010
edited by tsstevens
Agreed, there needs to be a difference shown between a cult and person x committing evil act y because of their view of religion z. You Fail Religion Forever perhaps.

Edit: Artistic License - Religious Studies. No George, god does not tell you to wage war. No Richard, religion is not a case of Belief Makes You Stupid.
02:59:25 PM Mar 3rd 2011
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