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04:30:16 PM Feb 19th 2017
edited by steelserie
Removed a portion of the text which claimed that Anno had intended such and such for the character, although there is no such citation or quote to be found about the intention.

Hoping discussion of that can go here, if someone is missing something that should be there.

11:22:58 PM Aug 9th 2015
I'm gonna suggest something that it shocks me hasn't been thought of before. But I think Sephiroth of Final Fantasy VII might have based on Rei Ayanami.

He may be male and certainly not emotionless. But he is also the product of a cloning experiment that involving merging Human DNA with an Eldrich Abomination that the Usefull Notes/Gnostisim page labels a Sofia figure. Was raised to be a solider and has an unnatural hair color.
02:07:19 AM Aug 10th 2015
Not nearly close enough, I must say.
07:17:39 PM Apr 19th 2013
That we didn't call this trope "Rei Clone" is a waste I say.
03:26:50 PM Aug 24th 2012
So, what happens when an character predates the trope namer? To be more specific, I'm talking about Angel from One Must Fall 2097. One Must Fall came out in 1994. Evangelion first aired in 1995. I'm sorely tempted to just make a note that points out this fact.
10:11:43 PM Sep 6th 2012
02:26:35 PM May 26th 2012
Hmm, maybe not perfect matches, but how about Anju Maaka from Karin, or Kamiyama Meme from Kamisama Kazou?
03:43:55 PM Apr 26th 2012
What about Kanna from Inuyasha?

She may not be a teenager (physically something like ten or eleven, I believe), but she does have the pale skin and petite frame.

Again, her hair is not short, but it is white and her eyes are black.

Her odd behavior definitely comes from not being a human, but being made to be void.

It might just be me interpreting it, but she did seem to wish to be more 'normal' as time passed. She cared for Kagura and at the end Kagome learned she didn't want to die and she did have feelings, hinting at this.

Also, later, she controls a GIANT MIRROR MONSTER that reminded me personally of a mecha.
07:43:31 PM Nov 4th 2011
edited by MasterChi
What about making this trope's name Rei Ayanami Clone? I know we did the same to a bunch of other characters, but this one is special... considering her background.
06:08:11 AM Nov 8th 2011
Rei Clone is already a redirect. But it probably would be a better name. We already have Char Clone and Shana Clone, and this is the trope that would be especially and awesomely fitting, and it would work well with the other two.
02:46:35 PM Mar 6th 2012
I agree, but we should probably make it Rei Ayanami Clone so we don't get confused with other Rei's that exist (the one from Sailor Moon, for instance.)
03:26:49 PM Aug 17th 2011
edited by Antheia
Took this out:

  • Near from Death Note is an interesting case: he's a male, and his stoic exterior is so thick that it masks this trope—however, he is a kuudere—controlling all of his emotional responses so one can see them without perceiving them as emotional, he appears otherworldly, and thus this applies

Near has white hair, controls his emotions and is a bit strange, but a kuudere? Are we ever shown signs of a hidden, "cute" inner person? He plays with toys, but not in secret, and he even uses them to help him think - that is, for intellectual purposes. Most importantly, though, he doesn't have a Become a Real Boy objective at all.
09:50:58 PM Sep 15th 2011
I would argue that he's a subversion (but it's pushing it even then), given that parts of his inner person are revealed: his disapproval at the dissolution of the SPK, his glee at meeting Light, and Light's Motive Rant about his ego. However, it is not shown as 'cute', thus subverting it
05:19:00 PM Jul 28th 2011
Why are Primula from Shuffle and Vanilla from Galaxy Angel not included? Is it the long hair? Otherwise I can't imagine why ....
09:02:26 AM Jul 30th 2011
Probably no one thought to add them yet. Feel free to do so yourself.
02:39:32 PM Jul 30th 2011
This isn't a definitive list, we are definitely missing some, so go ahead and add them.
12:51:44 AM Aug 6th 2011
Ahh indeed. I'm sometimes hesitant because I don't know what qualifications people assume to be part of a trope. In this case Vanilla and Primula both have excessively long hair and identifying them as members of the Rei brigade may not be inherently obvious unless the characters are well known.
06:21:09 PM Jul 13th 2011
Is the redirect "Teh Rei" supposed to be "The Rei"?
10:17:07 AM Jul 14th 2011
Nope. The misspelling of "Teh" is some sort of meme, I believe.
10:51:35 AM Oct 14th 2011
It came from 4chan as a response to whenever someone posted H images of her. Example: Anon1 posts H image of Rei Anon2 respondes: "ZOMG!!!11111!!! TEH REI!"
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