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07:06:04 AM Feb 28th 2011
It's the same quote on "Sexual Karma" which links to this, maybe one of the two should be changed? It looks a little silly
04:15:11 PM Jan 11th 2011
Is this:
* In The Terminator Sarah gets Kyle to open up and finally embrace his humanity, ceasing to be as mechanical as his enemy and be honest with himself about his vulnerability and his love for her. Cue the screwing. One of the most justified and moving instances ever, though on the off chance you don't know why, I shan't tell you.
really an example? Is Kyle really being redeemed? Isn't he one of the good guys all along? Yes, granted, he becomes more emotionally open over the course of the film, as he spends more time with Sarah and gets to know her better, and falls more deeply in love with her. But is that redemption, or simply par for the course for a love story?
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