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10:26:42 AM Apr 17th 2012
Suggest that the "pregnancy" examples from Written-In Infirmity and Reality Subtext be given their own trope page, considering how common pregnancy is, and shows tend to split 50/50 on whether they take this approach or go the Hide Your Pregnancy (which does have it's own page) route.
01:05:54 PM Mar 20th 2014
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10:37:43 AM Jul 11th 2011
edited by Sudrien
Any ideas of how this should relate to Irony as She Is Cast ?
07:14:40 PM Jun 18th 2011
Not many of the examples listed actually fit the trope, most of them are examples of Real Life Writes the Plot or similar tropes if they fit anything at all. I considered fixing that myself, but I thought I should say something before deleting 80%+ of the page, especially in the off chance that I'm mistaken.
07:18:36 PM Jun 18th 2011
And before someone says I made a high estimate... Yes, I did, but to be fair I was reading the Live action examples at the time and a lot of those ARE that bad.
05:33:53 PM Apr 21st 2012
I was about to mention the same thing. Attempting to steel myself to do something about it...
01:14:26 PM Mar 20th 2014
Any objections to someone cleaning this up? Seems like the only comments on here are in favor.
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