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09:15:00 PM Jun 27th 2013
Re: The Aristocrats... the point of the story that I got was entirely different. I thought it was about what was originally a comedian's contrivance to get rid of party guests who had stayed too long, by telling a story so disgusting and detailedly so, that anyone hearing it should be highly offended, and realize that this is a hint on the scale of a huge neon sign in your face saying "IT'S TIME TO LEAVE NOW!" Unfortuantely, through intoxication, fatigue, or just being enthralled with their host, none of the guests got the message. Then of course, afterward through whatever retellings and whispers and rumors began to spread about it, it morphed into something else altogether.
03:40:03 PM Oct 11th 2012
IIRC, the Mass Effect games are bad at having people cut off mid-sentence. There's always a pause before the other person jumps in, meaning that someone saying, for example, "You're being unreasona-" only says, "unreasona-" followed by a half-second pause and THEN the other person starts talking. It's a forced attempt at Realistic Diction Is Unrealistic but the execution is botched, so it seems even more unrealistic.
12:40:07 AM Apr 19th 2012
what should the examples be of? Unrealistic dialogue or realistic dialogue?
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