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01:34:40 PM May 3rd 2015
The information currently listed under "Random Number God" would much better belong in an entry for "Character Customization."

I'm too lazy to do this right now, and I might never get around to it.
01:18:15 AM Jan 27th 2014
Why is this locked? I really want to add a [[note]] after the image caption that says "Those are in-game expenses!"
01:35:32 AM Jan 27th 2014
A joke that took over the page. The edit requests thread is here.
04:51:13 AM Sep 19th 2013
"For a work that's apparently taken a damned long time to develop before release to the general public, it ought to be good."

I think there should be a note here right after "a damned long time" that says "Or six days depending on who you ask."
08:06:21 AM Jun 23rd 2013
Are other people considered NP Cs or players? If anyone else is another player, then everyone else should be a player; life is either a single-player game with six billion NP Cs, or it's a MMORPG with six billion players.
03:27:24 AM Jun 9th 2013
Should No Real Life Examples feature somewhere on the Real Life page? Or is doing that an example of No Real Life Examples in itself? If the latter is true, then that's an odd paradox.

Also, I suggest that Earth-Prime should be one of the names that directs here. We're already treated what is real as fictional by giving it its own trope page, so why not?
06:08:55 AM Jan 24th 2013
I'm sorry if I offended anyone with my opinion of feminism. I just can't imagine a oppressed group not hating who is responsible. So I think we have to agree to disagree and I'm glad it was removed.
07:24:41 PM Oct 24th 2012
How come theres no fridge sections?
10:30:46 AM Sep 8th 2012
I'm changing the page type to work+index rather than fun+index, as that will make some of the tabs show up. It is on the Just for Fun index anyway.
02:00:02 PM Aug 8th 2012
Across many real life subsections of tropes, I've noticed some examples are really vague in description, not identifying the person or date, or even location. what's up with these? Local examples from the area a troper lives in? Aow cmon!
08:16:44 PM May 21st 2012
Someone's pulling No Real Life Examples on the Real Life examples page and cutting out a lot of well-written entries. Am I the only one who feels something's going wrong here?
01:18:15 AM May 22nd 2012
edited by LordGro
That "someone" is probably the Real Life section maintenance thread. Discussion and crowner votes whether a trope should have No Real Life Examples happen there.
04:18:02 AM Mar 25th 2012
So couple of questions about inconsistencies (which may be prove I take this much too seriously :P):
  • Are planets servers, are universes servers or are countries servers? I've seen all three used
  • The term season is used interchangeably with year. But doesn't season usually apply to tv-shows rather than games?
  • Are humans the only player characters? are all humans player characters? Many entries seem to contradict each other regarding this.
11:16:18 AM Apr 3rd 2013
edited by Enkidu
If you refer to the RealLife Laconic entry, you'll see that the article is supposed to be either a TV show or a video game.
06:22:54 AM Apr 13th 2011
Why do people link Science is Bad to Christians who don't believe in evolution?Sorry,but I get the feeling that people don't get the memo that Christians don't consider macro evolution to be valid.Christians tend to believe that evolution when used as a basis in life can lead to a more immoral world.Yes, there are other factors for the world being crummy.But it really pushes my buttons that if someone doesn't believe in evolution then they are against all science.Most christians are happy science can do stuff for the good of man. The evolutionary point of view can produce Social Darwinism which has caused tragedy in the world.And no I will not bring up the German party that will be named because I will not evoke Godwins Law. All I am saying that people just assume that evolution is true because scientists say it. Before anyone says I hate scientists, the thing is I appreciate scientists who make new technology and new discoveries to help this world.I find that this could be considered a broken aesop that people should never question the norm unless society says so.
07:57:49 AM Apr 13th 2011
As a Christian, let me just point out that this anonymous poster does not represent the point of view of what Christians "tend to believe," and that it's rather insulting of him to think he can just lump all of us into what he thinks we believe.
01:55:09 PM May 3rd 2011
Ignore the creationist troll, people. Obvious markers like 'macro-evolution' show that this is one very specific type of Christian.
04:16:50 AM Feb 2nd 2012
We see today that those groups with the most genetic variance have the best chance of success, while the point of social darwinism is to REDUCE genetic variance. Also, I don't know about Nazis in general but to say Hitler was evolutionist is a half-truth. He believed that the Aryans were created specially by God and everyone else evolved from monkeys. Also evolution as a basis in life? This is science, not philosophy. Evolution is an OBSERVATION, not a recommendation. Also, if microevolution can happen, why not macroevolution which is just lots of microevolution?
03:01:44 AM May 11th 2012
Why would any deity create something and not give it the ability to make itself better? That doesn't make any sense.
05:54:02 AM Apr 13th 2011
Should this page be considered as Just for Fun? This Troper can only see this page as how tropers have fun, not as a notable article.
08:16:33 PM Nov 27th 2012
It is. And remember, No Such Thing as Notability.
05:04:13 PM Mar 29th 2011
Re: Quantum Physics:

This is not a case of You Fail Logic Forever. Quantum Physics is about (effectively) all particles in a universe being entangled, and the effect this creates (observation changes the thing being observed). One of the implications this has (if it's strictly true) is that the universe is definitively deterministic (in a copy of this universe, everyone would make exactly the same decisions, etc). In that sense, it *guarantees* the reliable applicability of logical principles, provided you use appropriate scientific methods to isolate the factors you are investigating.

Something that is merely counter-intuitive doesn't seem like it can fall under You Fail Logic Forever, either. In that case, things that people say in real life which seem totally wrong but turn out correct (and soundly based) would have to also fall under You Fail Logic Forever; (that kind of situation tends to occur when one person's understanding of the given field is several levels above the other)

If there is a trope about predestination, Quantum Physics could fit under that. There Are No Coincidences ?

hmm, arguably it's more of the case that Logic fails at Quantum Physics (in the real world, there is nothing so simple as a linear causative chain. QP research has demonstrated this holds true even for ridiculously 'simple' events.)
05:09:39 AM Mar 10th 2012
I think it might be a case of confusion between Logical Fallacies and Mind Screw.
09:50:29 PM Mar 1st 2011
There's a bit from the "Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman" episode, "Is There a Creator" where one of the scientists puts forth the question of whether WE as humanity are simply complex, sentient characters within a gigantic video game many orders of magnitude larger in size than the data capacity of the highest-capacity hard drive of the highest-quality supercomputer as of now, being watched by GOD himself through an equally gigantic supercomputer. It's very interesting in that the idea almost matches the main article as of now.

As crazy as it might sound, what do you fellow tropers think?
08:58:41 AM Sep 14th 2011
It's crossed my mind many times. I often wonder what this user thinks of me and generally come to a depressing conclusion.
09:14:47 PM Apr 2nd 2013
11:55:22 PM Jan 25th 2011
Would it violate the rule of cautious editing judgment if I add serial killers as an example of complete monsters?
04:37:43 AM Jan 26th 2011
edited by BritBllt
Afraid so. Long story short, real life examples of complete monsters aren't allowed on its page. We can't objectively say whether a real life person has a sufficient Freudian Excuse for their actions or what line has to be crossed to render their redemption impossible, and it just opens a slippery slope for less extreme, and more controversial, examples of CM's to be nattered in over time.

If it's not on the page already, maybe you can use Axe-Crazy for them?
12:19:12 PM Jan 27th 2011
Hmmm. When you put it that way, Axe Crazy seems more appropriate. Thanks.
01:31:48 AM Nov 9th 2011
That does raise a question: is it even possible for someone to BE a Complete Monster?
09:15:26 AM Nov 30th 2010
Equivalent Exchange: Isn't it subverted by the Second Law of Thermodynamics?
09:23:53 AM Nov 30th 2010
edited by BritBllt
Nah, that falls under the term too. Equivalent Exchange means that "another thing of equal or greater value must be given up". The Second Law just makes it "of greater value".
03:09:50 PM Oct 30th 2010
Why does it seem that this article has a "Life is a game" style?
12:41:03 PM Nov 16th 2010
Because it is.
08:07:15 AM Aug 18th 2011
Don't like it? :P
05:01:53 AM Aug 16th 2010
Where did the Just Bugs Me go?
06:09:07 PM Aug 16th 2010
Flamebait, I'd presume.
02:39:22 PM Jul 31st 2010
Wait, what happened to the Crowning Moment of Awesome section?
05:35:15 AM May 16th 2012
And the crowning moment of Heartwarming section?
05:51:41 PM Jul 28th 2010
I(not so recently) edited Misaimed Fandom to get rid of all the conflicting political positions, for a simplified version that didn't openly mock a lot of people's views and beliefs.
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