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02:53:51 PM Dec 2nd 2012
It looks like the video the link below the image is supposed to go to no longer exists. Consider replacing it?
12:35:45 PM Jul 22nd 2011
Does someone have all the pages that link to this page? I can only remember a page because I know it links to this one.
09:32:52 PM Sep 6th 2010
Why is the Sokka picture from Avatar: The Last Airbender not the picture for this page? I mean, come on, it's so comedically... Blatant. I know I got a nice chuckle when I saw it, and I hadn't even seen that episode yet.
04:27:48 AM Sep 7th 2010
We have it on the Getting Crap Past the Radar page for that show, since it illustrates that concept by having this trope on a kid's show.
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