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03:37:33 PM Mar 31st 2018
In The Revenge of Dr Blowhole, after the Penguins foil his plan, he says, 'You have foiled my plans for revenge and for that, I will have revenge!'
10:21:38 AM May 10th 2013
May I ask why there is a link to the character page for the TV series "Revenge" on the Revenge trope page? Is it supposed to be there?
12:07:01 PM May 10th 2013
When two pages have the same title, the subpages (like character sheets) show up on both of them, so we get the TV series and its subpages showing up here.
02:57:04 AM Oct 23rd 2012
A quick question: Why is there no 'Revenge is Sweet' or 'Revenge is Awesome' trope?
10:37:19 PM Jun 20th 2011
  • Avatar : After the corrupt, fascist, and warmongering Colonel Miles Quaritch killed Neytiri’s Father and destroyed The Hometree, from the anger in her eyes, she wanted revenge badly. One thing we all know for sure, never make a female Na’Vi angry, especially one as beautiful as Princess Neytiri of the Omaticaya Clan. As for Jake Sully, he and the remaining AVATAR Team are up to the end of their rope with Quaritch’s corrupt and genocidal war policies and are ready to rise up against him and his RDA Special Ops, the time to avenge Dr. Grace Augustine’s death would soon be upon them.
07:08:22 PM Feb 6th 2011
I think it should be noted that in Real Life, the evolution of all Justice systems started way back during the Personal (private) Revenge, before we the people delegated the monopoly of violence to the State.
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