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10:28:45 AM Feb 27th 2016
Weren't all rape tropes deleted from here?
01:45:58 AM Feb 28th 2016
No, a number of rape tropes still exist.
08:00:38 AM Jun 14th 2015
Didn't this used to have a list of examples? And since it doesn't, is there some other location where it's listed? I know and appreciate how sensitive a subject rape is, but there're plenty of people who, for any reason, might want to know what books/movies/etc. provide good examples of this. At the very least there should be some page that lists out cases portrayed with rape, regardless of its presentation.
07:21:29 AM Jun 15th 2015
No, we are not going to have a list of rapes. For one thing, rape per se is not a trope.
08:56:14 PM Sep 12th 2013
Yo, change this:

"It's arguable that less than 1% of Fan Fic actually uses Rape as Drama effectively, as most of the 10% of "good fics" that Sturgeon's Law claims there to be avoid using rape entirely."

"It's arguable that only 1 out of every 100 films actually had good fight choreography, as most of the 10% of "good films that I decide are good" that are referenced by Sturgeon's Law avoid focusing action, because any good film uses sparse amounts of action."

05:25:00 AM Sep 13th 2013
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A: Not the place to request edits on locked pages. Go to the thread in the FAQ board.

B: ... not an improvement. If you're not being facetious, but I assume you're trying to be funny or... something.
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