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04:43:14 AM Dec 24th 2014
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Also as to something that is slightly related to Lyner's comments, as it is about the content of the page. The introduction itself only describes how being raped once affects a person, or so it seems to me, but doesn't seem to address any situation in which a person has been raped multiple times, which arguably would either increase the probability of insanity or decrease it by acclimatization (which is, depending on who finds that out, quite squicky.

On an overall note though, though I think it is not badly thought of to explain how it is Truth in Television, I think the remarks made would better belong on a Useful Notes page that specifically addresses rape and/or sexual abuse, and put in a link to that.
09:38:28 PM Nov 28th 2014
Some of this trope should be adjusted to a degree. There are several parts that seem to suggest that the majority of rape victims aren't traumatized and just move on with their lives. According to other, reliable sources, most victims suffer at least some lingering trauma for months if not years after being raped. This doesn't mean that most victims go "insane", but most suffer at least some degree of trauma. The troubling catch is that while some really aren't traumatized, others really are but try to cope by pretending everything's fine.
02:07:23 AM Nov 29th 2014
While I can't speak of the subject matter, that is all tangential Real Life material at best. It does not belong on this page, certainly.
02:22:00 PM Dec 4th 2014
I'm just saying that there are parts of the article that talk about the relation between this trope and Real Life, and those sections, while right in advising against assuming that a victim would be driven crazy or that absence of apparent trauma proves nothing happened, go the other direction and seem to suggest that most rape victims aren't really hurt by it; worse, at one point it seems to suggest that if a victim does have a lot of trauma, it's because of the victim's own personality and not the assault (in other words, it's your own fault if you're traumatized).

This is a very sensitive subject, and it's hard to balance out because it's really easy to go too far in either direction, suggesting that rape should make a person freak out and those that don't show expected signs must not have been raped, or suggesting that most people don't take it too bad and only certain people have trouble moving on. Both extremes are false, and both are overly centered on the real world and not on its use in fiction.

I'm just saying that this needs to be adjusted. It shouldn't go on about suppositions that most people handle this without major trauma, nor should it go on about suppositions that most are traumatized regardless of appearance. It should make some mention of the uncertainty about whether this is Truth in Television, but otherwise it should be about the ways this is depicted, should it not?
02:28:13 PM Dec 4th 2014
I recommend to post about this in Ask The Tropers.
10:58:21 PM Sep 27th 2012
I know no life examples allowed, but i must ask. is this trope truth in television?
01:29:42 AM Sep 29th 2012
I would be surprised if it weren't, at least on rare occasions.
08:39:41 PM Nov 21st 2012
edited by Tomodachi
Then there should be a "Other" section explaining if that trope happen. But, no real life victims. Agreed or im alone on this one?
01:24:11 AM Nov 22nd 2012
edited by Telcontar
You could make an Analysis subpage about it, but checking in Wiki Talk or Ask The Tropers first might be good since this is a Rape Trope.
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