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07:32:15 AM Jan 9th 2013
In the videogames section, someone should add the epic ramming scene in Bulletstorm
08:56:46 AM Jan 9th 2013
What's stopping you from doing it?
04:51:16 PM Apr 18th 2011
I think that the example with the NATO Fox codes is wrong. Granted, I'm no pilot, but I'm pretty sure that Fox-Four means that the pilot used their guns, not that they're about to hit someone with their plane.
08:28:52 AM Nov 2nd 2010
I'm not really seeing why ramming doesn't always work.

As the page points out, ramming is really a great way to deliver a colossal amount of kinetic energy straight into the target. The only objection is the difficulty of connecting with your target since they can see you coming; but what good, exactly, does it do them to see you coming? A ramming vessel is a missile, not a bullet. It can and will correct course to compensate when the enemy tries to evade, and it typically costs your target a lot more energy to change course than it costs you to compensate for the change.

10:07:38 AM Nov 2nd 2010
edited by Westrim
Because smashing someone in the face with your face kinda hurts. That's why we prefer to use fists and objects.

If that's too subtle an analogy, any tactic that involves intentionally damaging yourself is probably not the best tactic. The problem is that media tends to portray ramming as the rammer winning and the rammee losing, when both should be pretty messed up or destroyed.
05:46:00 PM Dec 29th 2010
I think RAMMING SPEED means a whole other thing than said so far. I think it is when you have nothing left and you are seconds from death. If you are going to go you take them with you. It is a last act you will every do. Ramming speed would mean engines to overload. You take everything meaning shields weapons , life support and batteries and feed it to the engines or what is left of them by this point and set a collision course.
03:02:12 PM Sep 1st 2014
"The problem is that media tends to portray ramming as the rammer winning and the rammee losing, when both should be pretty messed up or destroyed."

Since when? I have literally never seen a single example of this. Ramming among spaceships is *always* portrayed as a suicide tactic; the words "ramming speed" are only ever spoken when the ship's regular weapons are disabled or ineffective and the enemy must be taken out at any cost (or the ship is about to be destroyed anyway, so might as well take some of the bastards to hell with you).

It's a rare case in which the Rule of Drama aligns with reality.
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