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07:57:28 PM Apr 5th 2011
This article has confused the definition of ragdoll physics. It doesn't encompass all physics simulated in a 3D environment. Ragdoll specifically animates the body's reaction to impacts, tracing the source of impact through all connecting bones. This doesn't include any thrown, colliding or breaking rigid objects; those are all under general physics engines. Havok includes both, but physics have been part of 3D games since before Havok or ragdoll.
12:05:21 PM Mar 14th 2013
Ragdoll physics is just an application of articulated rigid body physics with collisions. I'm responsible for the first engine that could do ragdoll physics without failing - "Falling Bodies", 1997. The "body falling downstairs" cliche is from this, the first public demo of Falling Bodies:

05:05:06 AM Mar 3rd 2011
Do cheats count? The Punisher for X-Box allows you turn ragdoll on even more, allowing, for example, one to shoot enemies off cliffs.
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