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05:39:29 PM Feb 16th 2018
next to the Lit RPG genre (which does by definition not fit this trope since the characters know that they are in a game) there is also the Real RPG sub-genre which fits this trope fully. a Real RPG is more or less what happens when you take the Sudden Game Interface and give it to the entire population.
01:05:53 PM Nov 6th 2016
Just wanted to remind y'all of the grandmother of them all, Quag Keep by Andre Norton.

01:57:05 PM Apr 10th 2016
edited by DoorIntoSummer
Iíve decided to add The Games We Play too after all, even though technically itís more fitting under Sudden Game Interface (since protagís the only one whoís capable of interacting with his surrounding as if they were RPGMV elements).
04:54:03 PM Sep 15th 2010
regarding the DM of the Rings, Darths and Droids, etc: Those could probably fit under both this and Deep-Immersion Gaming. It's technically DIG in that there's players on the outside of the "characters", but they still focus on the story of the "game" itself (which functions according to RPG mechanics)
11:03:31 AM Sep 16th 2010
I can get behind that, since they're about actual games and not verses. Good call.
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