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09:04:47 AM Oct 21st 2012
The final Family Guy entry with Peter telling Meg to always finish on a strong joke (after she tried to end the show on a bad one) was followed by a Simpsons-esque bit of music and a black screen with yellow credits as a clear pisstake. The joke was effectively AFTER the quip, so does it really count?
07:08:39 PM Apr 2nd 2010
Discussion prior to rename.
Silent Hunter: Which episode does the cellphone interruption occur in? Because we're almost at the end of Season 6 in the UK and I haven't seen it.

Red Shoe: It's one of the ones where they solve a whole bunch of murders. 4x4 maybe?

Silent Hunter: Thanks.

Kendra Kirai: Ah, screwit, I've tried three times to get that link to work, someone else who knows how fix it. I give up.

Silent Hunter: Horatio Caine in CSI Miami seems to have his own style when doing these lines- he puts his sunglasses on first.

Your Obedient Serpent: Endless Horatio Caine One-Liners:

Janitor: My guess is "Pants Man" (in the quote) is Grissom. Is that a Fan Nickname?

Kendra Kirai: No, it's Pants Man, from VG Cats. Look at the link. :)

Silent Hunter: Am I right in thinking this sort of thing is Truth In Television?

Anthony Alexander: No. Not in any way at all. This is when a line is cut short by a commercial break or theme tune. Or do those things interrupt your statements often in real life, SileŚNew Nintendo Wii, only $199, only at Gamestop. Power to the players. Gah, glad that's over with. Now where was I?

unregistered T Vtropes addict: There seems to be a reference to this trope in todays ctrl+alt+del comic strip. ->
12:09:37 PM Apr 16th 2010
Just curious, is this the new name for the Grissom One Liner?
04:13:53 PM Apr 26th 2010
It is. And it sucks.

Seriously, Quip To Black suggests that it snaps directly to black after the one-liner, which isn't always the case. The name suggests it is. I propose we rename this renamed trope...
07:30:00 AM May 2nd 2010
edited by BritBllt
Indeed, it's not even usually a quip to "black", it's a quip to the title, hence all the "yeeeeeeah" references. And with CSI/The Who already being so associated with it as to spark the "yeeeeeeah" meme, "Grissom One Liner" made a whole lot more sense. That sounds like a trope name you can drop into a conversation. "Quip to Black" is just awkward. I know, "you had your chance in the proposition," but sometimes we don't stumble onto these name changes until it's too late... :(
11:47:56 AM May 7th 2010
Why was this renamed again?

Sheesh, I seem to be asking that a lot lately.
11:34:42 PM Oct 8th 2011
Shouldn't it be the Horatio One Liner? I mean, really.
11:52:16 PM May 31st 2012
edited by Cuchulainn
Horatio Caine finds a severed penis: "Well, this guy's gonna be easy to find. All we have to do is look for the one son-of-a-bitch in Miami who's literally dickless." YEEEAAAHHH!!!
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