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07:56:40 PM Dec 15th 2012
Would the Divine Rapier from Dota count? It adds some crazy amount of damage(hundreds, IIRC. Been years since I played), and drops on death, allowing the killer to use it.
03:35:49 PM Apr 15th 2012
edited by petrie911
Excised this disaster from the Pokemon section. The trope is about temporary offensive power ups, not damage multiplication. Looking at the archive, this is not the first time this had to be done.

In Pokémon, one Pokémon can give Quad Damage to another Pokémon if the first uses a Doubly Super Effective attack on them, eg. a Water-type move against, say, a Fire/Ground-type Pokémon.
  • Without using items, you can do up to 12 times the damage you would normally inflict * . It gets more ridiculous if you actually do factor in items and stat-boosting moves. There's certain held items that give you a 20% damage bonus when used by a specific type, the Choice Band and Choice Specs, which multiply your Physical and Special Attack damage by 1.5, respectively, and there are specialized items like the Light Ball, which doubles both Attack stats of Pikachu. And finally, with moves like Swords Dance, you can literally do Quad Damage, since you can boost your stats up to four times what they normally would be if used enough in one battle.
    • Actually it's possible to get twice as much (ie. 24 times more than normal damage). Double super effective + STAB + critical hit + Earthquake on Pokémon in 1st turn of Dig = 4x * 1.5x * 2x * 2x = 24x. However, there isn't much Pokémon that can learn Dig which are 4x weak to Ground (Heatran, Aron line and Bastiodon line), and even then, they can learn Dig only via TM.
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