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03:17:57 AM Dec 7th 2017
Why had all the Comic Books and Comic Strips examples been removed? i restored them to the latest known version for those 2 folders.
06:50:06 AM Dec 7th 2017
I went to Ask The Tropers and asked for a revert since a lot of examples were deleted or changed and I can't figure out why.
11:11:02 AM Nov 21st 2016
In the Season Three episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., "Paradise Lost", Coulson expresses guilt over killing Ward out of payback that he told Fitz, who tried to assure him that Ward's death was karmic, that Ward won in their final encounter. Based on his regret and words, should Coulson killing Ward the way he did out of payback qualify as a Pyrrhic Victory for him?
10:54:12 AM Oct 4th 2015
Maybe add to the entry about "The Thousand Orcs" in Literature that it wasnt a complete Phyrric Victory, Since in the end of that Trilogy Obould Actually wanted to make peace and force his orc armies into a legitimate, peaceful kingdom. SO while there was a lot of bloodshed between his armies and the north before the Treaty of Garums Gorge, its mentioned in the epilogues that the North is one of the few places where its actually relatively safe and peaceful in the spell plague and the aftermath.
07:15:31 AM Dec 12th 2014
Could someone add “A Good Man Goes To War” from Doctor Who to the examples? It is the epitome of this trope, and has an excellent line describing that rivals the page quote.
01:19:49 AM Sep 14th 2012
Removed these examples in Literature:

  • "The Hunger Games": After Katniss and Peeta win the first Hunger Games, the Quarter Quell is announced, which is implied to have been rigged by President Snow to take Peeta and Katniss out- it requires each district to choose tributes from their pool of victors.
    • Also, when President Coin and others of the rebellion/District Thirteen, including Katniss and Haymitch, are discussing what to do now that they've taken the Capitol, they decide on yet another Hunger Games to be held, but this time with the Capitol's children, as revenge.

These examples don't count; the first because the Quarter Quell, if it was rigged, was an act of revenge after their Victory, it was not in itself part of their Victory. The second one only counts on a moral, "We're stooping to their level" defeat-in-Victory. It has nothing to do with the terms of the actual conquest of the Districts over the Capitol. I described how the world does have a Pyrrhic victory set up in it.
03:29:24 AM May 30th 2012
Independence Day seems like an example of Pyrrhic Victory, yes they won, but civilisation is nearly destroyed in the process and they nuked an american city.
05:46:30 PM Mar 21st 2012
This trope isn't omnipresent in Real Life, nor is it particularly offensive. Why not make a separate page for Real Life examples if there are so many of them?
08:53:27 PM Mar 27th 2012
Seriously. I would personally like to see a subpage since there are a lot, but even just having them on the page would be cool. It's incredibly stupid to have a restriction on something because there are too MANY clear examples.
02:18:51 PM Apr 3rd 2012
I agree. Make a subpage and bring them back; some of those were interesting to read about, not to mention potentially inspiring to any writers who happen across the page.
02:30:21 PM Nov 17th 2016
Hear, hear. This isn't anywhere near offensive, and there are objectively Pyrrhic victories: Bunker Hill, for example. The Real Life section ought to come back!
09:44:00 AM Nov 20th 2011
Could we create a sub page for Real Life examples? If the only reason for not having them is length, that would solve it. They're fun to read, and this trope is one that really could stand to have some real life illustration. Just a suggestion.
07:03:26 PM Nov 21st 2011
That sounds good, the real life examples were the best part of the page.
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