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02:25:32 PM Dec 19th 2017
edited by somebody_cares
Pretty sure Yamada-kun counts as well. If not, then the overlap with Meaningful Name needs to be resolved
01:20:57 AM Mar 25th 2017
This and Meaningful Name look one and the same to me. If that's the case, we should start a TRS thread on it.
02:03:09 PM Mar 25th 2017
edited by Malady
Not all Meaningful Names have a pun, not all Punny Names have any other meaning.
06:48:20 PM Nov 7th 2016
edited by IAmNotAFunguy
After I made an edit to "Western Animation" on this page, "Real Life" became messed up. It is no longer hidden in a folder and nothing I can see with the folder control formatting would have messed it up. Tinkering with the folder control formatting did nothing to fix.
06:09:35 PM May 26th 2014
I know this trope has a lot of overlap with Meaningful Name, but I am wondering: if for example, someone with fire-based elemental powers, named Charlie *, Ashly, Bernadette, or Blaze, or with the surname Cook, would either be this trope or Meaningful Name. Most really just have a homophone for a fire-related word in them (or are homophones for burning/fire in the case of the last two), so it's hard to say which one they'd fall under.
02:41:56 PM Mar 23rd 2014
YuYu Hakusho seems to have characters with these kind of names (i.e. Kuwabara).
04:16:25 PM Dec 7th 2013
I went ahead and removed some completely gratuitous Take Thats at the English dub of Pokémon. This trope is about puns, not about a work's dubbing quality.
07:38:50 PM May 7th 2012
Trying to figure out if the performance being discussed here on The Other Wiki (it is the only reference I can find to it) counts as this.
01:31:49 PM Sep 5th 2011
This article needs to be cleaned up. A lot of the examples contain unnecessary instances of Complaining About Puns You Don't Like.
08:49:18 PM Dec 11th 2010
edited by Camacan
These are probably not examples. It is not explained how Dumbledore is like a bumblebee in a way that makes it a pun. For Flitwick, having a name that sounds good is not a pun.

  • Harry Potter
    • Dumbledore translates to Bumblebee. Flitwick just sounds perfect for a charms teacher.

This is probably not an example: an open reference is not a pun.

Professional Wresltling
  • "The Great Khali," after Kali, Hindu goddess of night and death (who, in literary descriptions, indeed looks a lot like her namesake wrestler).

10:33:31 PM Dec 10th 2010
edited by Camacan
This one is cited without details — please provide some when replacing on the main page.

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