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11:48:19 PM Aug 21st 2014
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I wonder, can you sell translation of public domain story if the character is trademarked? For example, can I translate and sell The Tower of the Elephant?
01:03:47 AM Aug 22nd 2014
To my knowledge, only if the trademark allows for it. I am not familiar with trademark law, though.
02:21:54 PM Jan 18th 2014
Not all Arsène Lupin Novels are after 1923, but some latter ones seem to be treated just as PD as the early ones. Especially the character of Countess Calgiostro aka Josephine Balsamo
02:15:52 PM Mar 26th 2011
It annoys this Quebec troper that this article keeps referring to "America". I suppose this means the United States? If so, then it should be changed because it could be misleading.
10:13:18 PM Dec 11th 2010
As has been repeatedly pointed out elsewhere on the Internet, characters cannot in and of themselves be copyrighted. So what exactly is the law concerning creating new works around a non-trademarked character whose source material is still under copyright?
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