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08:06:42 AM Jul 7th 2012
The new page quote doesn't work. Much as I dislike Firefly, the first quote showed the trope in action—a mercenary who works for kicks. This quote shows a guy who is Only in It for the Money. Bronn isn't a Psycho for Hire
12:26:37 AM May 26th 2012
The Joker is notable in being the exception to this Character type not being the big Bad. Well when he is the Big Bad he's not playing this role, but in many stories especially the Crossover stories he becomes this (Though always with an agenda) but then sometimes turns and becomes the Big Bad. IN The Dark Knight he embodies what I'm talking about to a T.

Kefka and Dimentio are perhaps the only other 2. Coincidentally all 3 are Clown themed villains.
01:31:08 PM Feb 18th 2012
Remo Williams should not be on this list.
10:35:04 PM Nov 20th 2013
Well, there is no discussion about this but there a lot of characters here that don't fit the description. Remo Williams is not in the assassin business for sadistic enjoyment. He was literally drafted into it and for most of the books hates it. Mireille Bouquet from Noir does not show any sadism she's more of a Consummate Professional. The character from Cowboy Bebop is certainly psycho, but he's not really for hire. He's more of serial killer who just happens to be superhuman. The same with Judge Death from Judge Dredd. It seems that people include either are assassins even if they don't have the right motivation or they are psycho but they are not working for someone.
12:25:01 PM Jan 3rd 2011
Took out the Kid Miracleman entry because he's not in anyone's employ, and slaughtering half of London isn't a job or anything like that.
08:39:34 PM Apr 5th 2010
Removed this:

  • The film, musical, and, the inevitable musical film of Little Shop of Horrors all feature a rather goofy dentist. While he's not an assassin like most examples, he makes it pretty clear that he chose his career because of the constant opportunity to get (possibly sexual) jollies from inflicting pain on his patients.

It doesn't really fit the format of the trope. The Dentist isn't hired because of his skills at inflicting pain and unleashed on someone else. He's hired by unwitting patients who expect a normal dentist, and he takes advantage of them. Not really the same thing.
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