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01:11:20 AM Dec 9th 2012
edited by Candi
It's hard to tell from the trope description -would the 'magic' powers of the ElfQuest healers count?

It's using magical energy to put someone's injuries back together or speed up the expulsion of illness from the system. And then there's Winnowill using it to hurt people, including drive her son insane -and Leetah healing him.

There's also a 'The Spirit' story where a scientist figures out how to travel through the fourth dimension. He uses it to take a mobster's healthy lungs and use them to replace a dying scientist's sick ones, and does it again with another pair of crook and scientist. (Forget which organ; think it was the stomach.) Organ rejection doesn't come up at all, but these are really old comics.
09:46:20 PM Apr 28th 2013
Definitely an example, and I'll add it.
08:16:29 PM Mar 23rd 2012
edited by johnnye
"(Confirm please) Jack Bauer and/or other characters doing something like this on 24."

So, this seems incredibly unlikely given the genre, and I'm guessing someone misread the trope description. Either way it's a vague, badly written Zero-Context Example.

Having said that, I don't watch the show, so moved it here just in case it rings a bell with someone.
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