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08:33:13 PM Jan 4th 2012
There was some natter (and use of This Troper) at the bottom of the page. In case anyone sees this who wants it to moved to Troper Tales, here's the offending text:
In fairness, it could be just simple intuition, although this troper occasionally finds it hard to dismiss some accounts so easily. * Obviously, this is definitely a case of YMMV.
  • Or just leave the whole thing as it is. It's to lovely and adorable an idea to worry to much about whether it is true or not.
08:35:12 PM Jan 4th 2012
Here's the first part of the same paragraph, which I left on the page: Not Truth in Television so far as out-and-out mind reading goes, but there have been many (claimed) incidents where a mother just seemed to know that something was wrong with her child, or that the child needed her to call them, or that they were hurt. There have also been (claimed) accounts of a non-twin sibling just "sensing" that something has happened to their brother/sister, or at least finding themselves upset for no apparent reason.
12:54:54 PM Apr 18th 2011
the two fairies in sabrina animated series
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