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10:34:45 PM Jun 25th 2014
Die by the Sword includes the option of creating fighting moves in a similar manor as Toribash, but these are executed during real-time control.
10:31:07 PM Jun 25th 2014
Baulder's Gate is an iffy example. But FFXII is here... All characters are automatically assigned a script that tells them how to behave in a way appropriate to their class and players can select another script for them. One of the thief scripts, for instance, will tell the thief to hide in shadows and attempt to backstab hostiles. Searching the installation C Ds reveals a guide for making custom scripts. Thus, all AI-controlled characters are programmable.

Looking on the installation C Ds for Baulder's Gate, one can find a guide to reprogramming or creating from sctract
08:21:22 PM Sep 18th 2011
Removed a very seemingly nonsense bit where someone used Lemmings, not an RTS, to say any RTS was a programming game. The original addition of that line seems to have fallen off the timeline, along with any reasons it might have been there. If you think it belongs back, please let me know why.
06:35:14 PM Sep 24th 2010
==What measure a Programming Game?== I would not consider Lemmings a programming game - it's still all about controlling units with real-time orders (many of which have to be timed just-so to work).

==AI Learning Games?== Do AI Learning games like Creatures or NERO warrant their own separate category? For the uninitiated, these are games where, rather than directly programming how the units will respond to various situations you expose them to different stimuli and they learn from experience.