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03:42:07 PM Oct 29th 2012
I think we need to prune the "In episode 6 of season 2, the car Joe drives is a Hyundai" listings where the product is never focused on (visually or in dialog). One that especially jumps out is the police cruisers in Robocop being modified Ford Taurus. It was chosen because it looked futuristic (for 1987 anyway), not because they were pimping out Ford, and it's not like they ever mentioned how great the Taurus is or gave long shots of the logo or anything.
02:15:12 AM Jul 8th 2012
Did I overlook it, or isn't there a post for the usage of macs in the third season of Fringe? I believe in episode 4 or 5 we see that apple logo quite often.
09:51:53 PM Jan 14th 2012
The newest remake of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" has a soundtrack co-written by Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor. In the film, a minor supporting character is seen wearing a NIN t-shirt. Does this come under this article? Could be a coincidence though
12:40:11 PM Sep 2nd 2011
The meaning of the folders is not clear. Does each one indicate a type of product or a type of media where publicity is found?
09:52:24 PM Jan 14th 2012
I would assume so.
09:15:27 PM Apr 29th 2011
Wasn't there a kind-of subtrope about this with Apple Macintosh? Every Computer is a Mac, or something like that. I can't find it.
10:36:37 PM Apr 11th 2011
Dave Mirra BMX 2 featured the Slim Jim Guy as a rider, no joke. There are also Slim Jim billboards.

Fox branded trucks are in one level, but it IS a bike game.
07:16:06 AM Dec 31st 2010
How should Product placement be treated? there are at least two categories i can see: Blatant Product Placement to actually advertise the products, and one where they are placed in the scenery, but not neccesarily commented upon. My qualm is this: Harry Potter films have several proucts placed in the background, some of them quite distinguishable. For example, in the chamber of secrets one can see the Chronicles of Narnia piled quite high in a bookshop, in the third film people are shown reading a brief history of time, by Stephen Hawking. Then there is the 5th film with breakfast cereals in the great hall, with packaging and all. Is it product Placement or not?
02:19:20 PM May 13th 2010
"* Modern Family dedicated an entire episode to a character's quest for an iPad.
  • Although all parties concerned swear no money or product changed hands over the placement."
If no money changed hands, then this isn't product placement. No one at Apple placed the product in their show. It's just them including something timely into the plot of a episode.
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