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08:55:28 PM Feb 25th 2014
I pulled The Stinger, since it seems (to me) to be an attempt to end run around the no real life examples prohibition for this page.

03:10:17 AM Feb 26th 2014
Good call.
07:28:06 AM Oct 8th 2014
In fact I attempted to insert some Useful Notes in an article that seemed otherwise uncomfortable with addressing how the common use of the trope is very far removed from reality, but I guess there could be better ways to do that.
12:44:38 PM Jun 20th 2011
"Also, the teenage boy who T-Bag received as a 'gift' from his Aryan brothers. T-Bag raped the boy repeatedly until he committed suicide."

I don't remember this and I'm a fan of the series, what season and episode was it?
12:57:54 PM Jun 20th 2011
I don't remember the exact episode, but it was in the first season. The guy even asked Scofield for help, but ended up hanging himself.
01:04:58 PM Jun 20th 2011
I just realized who it was, guy named Seth who he called Cherry, guess I somehow missed the suicide part and the sexual undertones.
01:06:23 PM Jun 20th 2011
Yep, that's the one.
08:59:09 AM May 15th 2010
edited by Nobodymuch
Veronica Mars Being "All Over The Place". Since Veronica is a firm believer in passing her misery along to those who get on her bad side, it isn't that odd that she wants to give fear of being raped to those she sends to jail.
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