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03:02:32 PM Feb 6th 2014
"Contrast God Save Usfrom The Queen"???

What is there to contrast exactly? Only that a ruling princess is not strictly speaking a queen- there is surely nothing to imply that said a ruling princess couldn't just as easily be evil and all but fit the trope.
03:10:49 PM Feb 6th 2014
Well, princesses are usually not malicious when they rule.
05:56:40 PM Jan 29th 2014
Do the Code Geass examples actually fit? They are princesses who essentially rule Area 11, but none of them have the "should be called Empress but aren't for some reason" quality.
12:36:08 PM Jul 2nd 2012
Eric may be a male exemple, he's called a prince but in the palace his parents (or any king or queen) are nowhere to be seen.
01:17:41 AM May 26th 2012
"Note: Most ruling queens are technically princesses."- But thing is Outside the English Language (Or just in different times and places) the equivalents to Prince and Princess could very often be more commonly used then King and Queen. Princess is rarer then Prince only cause Female leader are rarer then men to start with. So the case of someone like Peach or Zelda could simply be chopped to a Language issue of Cultural Dissonance that makes it seem odd to us.

In the Case of Zelda we certainly see no examples that any Female of the Royal family (Either a Ruling Queen or a Queen Wife or Queen Mother) had ever been called Queen. And for the Mushroon Kingdom no example of Kings ever ruling it either.
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