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01:25:41 AM Dec 11th 2014
Shouldn't 'closed spaces' link to a claustrophobia-related trope? When I link to Claustrophobia though, it breaks, even though I can access the Claustrophobia trope from the search bar, and it's even named Claustrophobia. Is this a bug?
03:02:10 AM Dec 11th 2014
You need to make the link {{Claustrophobia}}.
11:39:19 PM Jul 3rd 2014
Is fire a primal fear? We all need it and most of us use it. A lot of us are even comforted by its presence and light. However, none of us would be willing to walk into it or get too close. Or a shadow from the dark throwing us head first into it. Neither do we like uncontrollable fire like house fires, forest fires, and the like. I love watching fire, but the second it runs out of control, even for a brief moment, it scares the ever loving crap out of me. Please fire often comes to play in stories and culture as something to fear. Seeing a city on fire is almost always presented as sobering to characters while Christians have long regard the realm of punishment, hell, as perpetually on fire. Burning to death is often considered one of the worst if not THE worst way to die as it is extremely painful. At the same time, a moderation of heat is a good a thing for people. Hot showers, warm sunlight, hot peppers that burn our mouths, lover's body heat, etc. Where does the pleasure stopped and the fear begin? And, again, can fire be considered a primal fear? Forest and bush fires have existed as long as vegetation was a thing and animals flee from these fires. How many of us seen a show where a man tries to scare off wolves with a flaming torch? Moths are drawn to flames and die in them, but that's probably just due to a lack of intelligence. It all kind of makes sense. Excessive heat hurts, so we fear it. I'm just wondering why no one ever bothered to mention it on the page...
06:18:13 AM Nov 25th 2013
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  • An especially horrifying episode of The Fairly Odd Parents, Timmy's pet hamster comes back as a rotted, violent zombie. And at the end of the episode, all his other dead pets rise from the grave, bones showing through sloughing-off skin.

Maybe it should be added why this happened. When Timmy's pets died (implied to be in at least one case because his dad didn't take care of it while he was at camp), they never told him the animals were dead. They said they had 'gone to the farm' or similar euphemisms. Timmy didn't know his hamster and the rest were dead. The parents' fear of discussing death in any form with their son resulted in the hamster and the rest of the horror, due to Timmy wishing his pets back 'from the farm'.

In a nice touch, the farm/graveyard was a cornfield.
04:15:21 PM May 17th 2012
The examples on this page are completely mixed up, both in medium and folders. Needs some serious fixin'.
10:08:12 AM Apr 3rd 2012
What happened to the picture?
10:46:15 AM Mar 14th 2011
Why does the monster and evil belongs don't have a t.v spot?
05:43:45 AM Jan 7th 2011
I thought Ice was one of them.
02:34:45 PM Sep 11th 2010
Anyone think there should be a Spoiler Warning added to the top of the page? Because if we just blanked out all the spoilers here, there wouldn't be much that wasn't blanked out.
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