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09:13:50 AM Dec 4th 2013
The video game section really needs a chainsaw taken to it. Intentionally getting yourself killed is not the same as Press X To Die. Otherwise, we'd have to list every video game where the main character can die. The Lara Croft one about jumping off of cliffs/into pirhana filled lakes, etc. is a perfect example of what SHOULDN'T be here.
01:48:55 PM Nov 29th 2016
Resurrecting this because there's been SOME improvement, but not everything here is actually a proper example. Thing is, there are some that are a bit ambiguous, and more insight might be needed to prevent an edit war. I have removed most mentions of pits, holes, and the like due to them both being covered by a blanket example and because they are more often than not legitimate obstacles rather than Schmuck Bait or intentional outs for unwinnable scenarios. Some, like the Kid Icarus example, are more honest mistakes (pressing the wrong button combo unintentionally) than proper examples.
01:48:17 PM Jul 27th 2013
The games folder really needs to be divided up. Anyone up to the challenge?
09:19:58 PM Jan 15th 2013
... This is going to be an annoyingly hard one to fix, isn't it?
05:03:59 AM Nov 16th 2010
Is this the right trope for the following example? Or is there another trope it belongs to?

In Helloween's Let's Play of Penumbra ( ), at one point he spots a pool of parafin on the floor of a tunnel. He chortles "We know what to do here!", whips out a lighter, and blows himself up. Game over. "That was really stupid. I should probably stand back and do that."
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