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03:14:43 PM Oct 8th 2015
edited by FurryKef
A lot of the items in the list seem to just be titles with prepositions in them, which would make this trope People Sit on Chairs. I think there needs to be a fairly clear line for what does or doesn't fit the trope, or it isn't a useful trope.
01:41:58 PM Aug 26th 2017
I expected this trope to be about titles like "On Deadly Ground", "With Strings Attached", "Of Mice and Men" — titles where the whole thing is, in fact, a prepositional phrase. Not just contains a prepositional phrase, which as you said, is way too broad.
10:43:15 PM Apr 5th 2012
Wouldn't "Prepositional Phrase Of Coolness" be a much more fitting and natural name for this trope?
11:20:08 AM Feb 8th 2013
Absolutely. How do we go about changing that?
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