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10:12:43 PM Mar 9th 2011
Re: Cut:

Aww, but wouldn't it be convenient to have it all in one place?

And not all prehistory is outright paleontology, or at least doesn't seem like it. Cavemen learning how to make their own fire — what fossil record is that in?
11:29:01 PM Mar 9th 2011
I forgot to add this but Prehistoria was supposed to be a video game setting separate from 1 Million B.C., but the page description has been rewritten to talk about real life misconceptions, examples of non video game settings are now on Prehistoria video games are now on the One Million BC and I see no reason to keep them both since they've become the same thing.
11:17:31 PM Mar 10th 2011
Isn't 1 Million B.C. a work title?
08:30:30 PM Dec 5th 2011
I think this should take into account that there are different views of history and prehistory, even in real life.
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