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03:46:16 AM Jun 1st 2012
Could somebody please correct the name of the trope. Currently it reads "Preemptive D Eclaration" (at least if the link that sent you there also did).
04:45:27 AM Jun 1st 2012
Pre-emptive Declaration works, as does Pre Emp Tive Dec Lar A Tion and Preemptive D Eclaration. Since it hasn't got a custom title, these all display differently. I'll submit a request for it in order to keep it standard.

[Note: The above links, except the first one, are done with the {{ }} markup to make them always display that way. Here is a link with the miscapitalisation Khorgar mentioned, done as a wiki word; if the request goes through, it should display normally: Preemptive D Eclaration
09:03:13 AM Feb 13th 2012
I'm sorry, when was this renamed exactly? I get the why but how the heck is Pre-emptive Declaration the best we can come up with?
09:01:50 AM Mar 1st 2012
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