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04:18:02 PM May 24th 2016
Anyone know who made the term Pragmatic Villainy?
11:43:22 AM Aug 26th 2014
Moved this here:

  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Elsa Schneider took advantage of just about everyone to get her hands on the Holy Grail, including helping the Nazis in return for their resources. She convinces her superiors to let Indy live, since she knows he’ll be useful to her quest later. Inside the grail temple, Elsa gives Donovan a false grail that eliminates him from the picture. However, for all her cunning, Elsa’s plans fall apart when she triggers an earthquake trap trying to leave with the grail. She ends up dangling from Indy’s arms above a cliff, but despite the danger, uses his grip as an opportunity to reach for it. Her gloved hand slips just before she’s able to grasp it.

This is misuse in several ways and seems to depend on Alternative Character Interpretation at points. This trope is defined as "when a villain refuses to do something horrible not because it is too evil and/or abhorrent, but rather because it's not in their interests to do so". It's not about pragmatic villains in general; a willingness to do something evil to reach a certain goal is basically the exact opposite. Manipulating Indy is just Elsa being a Manipulative Bastard, as is killing Donovan (the scene itself is too vague anyway to conclude whether she intended for him to die or really did make the wrong choice). The only act that would qualify her is sparing Indy because he's useful, but there's a more appropriate subtrope for that which I'd be more inclined to list it under: Can't Kill You, Still Need You.

01:30:57 PM Aug 26th 2014
I am not seeing how it's Pragmatic Villainy either. Keep it removed.
02:14:29 PM Jun 10th 2013
Okay, this is pragmatism for Evil on good vs evil, so what would pragmatism be for Chaos?
09:26:08 PM Jul 31st 2013
Not being Chaotic Stupid.
06:10:03 PM Aug 17th 2012
Are we able to post real life villainy in the discussion page?
01:58:27 AM Aug 18th 2012
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