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08:36:09 AM Sep 19th 2011
I'm thinking that the Guardian Forces in Final Fantasy VIII are a Video Game example: They're totems that enable the character to utilize special powers (read:they are the defining focus of the battle system), they aren't available to the regular Guy on the Street, you get them by reading a Forced Tutorial, and you do so before you enter the Noob Cave.

I'm thinking that in order to qualify, Video Game examples need to have the powers A: be (apparently) non-native to the character and B: introduced either before or during the Forced Tutorial and/or Noob Cave, up to and including the cave's boss. Powers issued after the first mission is complete (even immediately) do not count, and are filed under Second Hour Superpower.

Of course, there's the question about whether this counts at all if the powers are withdrawn for a significant period (includes Laser-Guided Amnesia). If they do, then the Taste of Power Dijin that the OldMasters give you temporarily in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn would also count.
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