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06:13:28 AM Apr 23rd 2010
edited by macroscopic
No idea what to do about this, never played the games:

* A bunch in Tak 2: Staff of Dreams. I havem't played in a while, but I remember the turtles (for crossing poisonous swamps), the eagles (used for crossing wide gaps), and Llamas ( I forget what they are for). I remember basically half the game was riding animals.
** You may be thinking of Tak 3. Tak 2 was full of Tak turning into animals, not riding them. (Though one could make the case for Tak being The Yoshi to Flea!Jibulba)

Removed this next one, along with several side notes about this trope applied outside of games. This is about a specific game mechanic not just mounts, otherwise you want Horse of a Different Color.

* An example from a cartoon based on a video game: Dulcy the Dragon from Sonic the Hedgehog.
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