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03:36:50 PM Jul 6th 2013
Any chance we can change the page image to something other than the live action Avatar movie? Few people look back on that film fondly.
06:58:15 PM Jul 6th 2013
A: Job for Image Pickin'.

B: It's a damn good image, despite the source.
01:58:30 AM Jul 7th 2013
Image potholes like this are generally to the source work, with exceptions being when there is no well-defined source work or something like that. 'Fraid it's gonna stay potholed there; unpopularity isn't a reason to change delete the link.
02:37:01 AM Oct 2nd 2010
Few more come to mind: - lit and film: The "Red Dragon" ["Man Hunter" - re: Silence of the Lambs / Hannibal] - the serial killer's alter-ego being his tattoo, drawn from a painting by William Blake!

Another lit. classic, would be the Tattooed Demon-trap on the Wizard's Back, in "The Magic Goes Away", and a few other fantasy tales, by Larry Niven.

- again with Film: in Conan: - Mako, the wizard's spells to Restore Conan to Health from the vital-ebb's brink: using fine caligraphic spell-runes, head to toe ...

a rich and ancient trope, indeed!
02:24:33 AM Oct 2nd 2010
a shading of similar - in a poignant scenario on tv's HOUSE: - a max-security convict has to have MRI scans done, which magneticly suck his full-body jailhouse tattoos out of his skin -the handmade inks being metallic ... the patient IS warned beforehand by Dr. House. in this case the "Mana" of the inked suit of glyphs was more a sheild of memetic badass, inverted and "exorcised", in the quest for find his dis-ease - this serving,trope-wise, as a gauntlet of endurance, to earn redemption enough for the Hero to save him ... or, so methinx. -Unc Sumer-
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