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03:26:20 AM Nov 21st 2010
Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but is the Dueling Games entry claiming this to be a Genre-Killer before it's even shipped?

04:07:49 PM Dec 30th 2010
edited by kitsunezeta
It would seem that someone jumped the gun on it. While, yes, at the end of November, Rock Band 3's sales hadn't quite caught up to Guitar Hero Warrior of Rock's sales on any platform, by now, both of those two are pretty even (Guitar Hero still has more sales, but they had a good two month lead, and Rock Band 3's ahead on the X360 sales). Power Gig, on the other hand, has failed to get more than .1 million (last I checked, it was at .08 million across all platforms - compare the .34-ish (?) Rock Band and Guitar Hero have on the X360 alone)

And no, the edit did not predate Rock Band 3's release. The edit WAS very premature, though.
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