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06:21:09 PM Nov 24th 2012
So is there a trope for where an individual gains new powers that are influenced by but not identical to the abilities, personality, or experiences of an individual?

An example I'm thinking of is the main character of the Kingdom Hearts series of games. His weapon can take a different theme and form depending on the keychains attached to it, and you get a new keychain (from out of nowhere; it just sort of appears in your inventory) after completing a level and forging a strong connection with the party member of that level. The new form of the keyblade usually reflects that character's traits and character development as well as the theme of the world. This is probably a very esoteric example, but it's that general idea.
10:47:34 AM Jan 15th 2012
This is the second rename, as this trope was called Blue Mage in ancient times. I changed the Blue Mage redirect not to target Mega Manning anymore.
06:44:12 AM Mar 31st 2012
I'm thinking that Mega Manning should actually redirect to the Victor Gains subtrope, as that's what happens in the games.
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