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01:18:15 PM Sep 22nd 2010
edited by R.G.
I vote to delete this page on the basis that there is NO such thing as post cyber punk. Either a work is cyber punk or it is not.

If anything, a work that emphasizes a more positive view of a cyber-style world is called cyberprep.

Prep, after all, is the opposite of punk.
02:27:59 PM Oct 13th 2010
edited by R.G.
So,instead of deleting this page why not rename it to Cyberprep?
11:30:29 PM Apr 10th 2011
On the grounds that redirects are free, added a redirect from Cyberprep.

Cyberprep is the term I most often see for this, however noone seems to think it's "the" term, usually putting it in scare quotes with a quick explanation. It does fit the Post-Somethingism pattern, but I don't think I've seen it named that way anywhere else.
12:33:40 PM May 31st 2012
Just as a datapoint, returns 14 results for "post-cyberpunk" (although it doesn't have an actual entry) and 0 for cyberprep. So someone's using it.
04:44:34 AM Aug 21st 2013
This article is massively confusing and unclear. Tons of these examples are straight Cyberpunk. And apparently (according to the article) Devo was lampooning Cyberpunk in the early 70's. Before William Gibson had a published work.

Post-cyberpunk seems to be either loosely defined or not defined at all. The opening to the article qualifies as TL:DR, and seems more about justifying the article's existence than actually defining post-cyberpunk.
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