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07:00:47 AM Dec 28th 2013
TV Tropes totally ruins your life. I had a dream I was watching a Looney Tunes cartoon and wondered if stuttering like this was a trope (In my dream- I woke up having no doubts this page was here).
03:10:56 PM Apr 13th 2012
This needs some cleanup. quite a few example that don't have a word swap, and just some guy stumbling through a pronunciation. Will clean up the few I noticed later.
09:23:13 AM Mar 24th 2011
Due to the removal of Strikethrough, I've taken out the following section from Dave Barry's entry, since it doesn't show up anyways.

-->[[strike:Dew]] [[strike:Deqr]] Dear [[strike:Mt.]] Mr. [[strike:Fwr]] Freebit:\\ [[strike:Regq]] [[strike:Regatg]] [[strike:Regarsng]] About [[strike:tge]] the [[strike:Snicklemab]] Spinkleman [[strike:Spock]] [[strike:Spco]] [[strike:Sprocle]] Sprocket [[strike:cob]] [[strike:contrav]] [[strike:contraq]] contract, [[strike:teh]] the [[strike:spr]] [[strike:s[p]] [[strike:specefi]] [[strike:specifiva]] [[strike:specificatipns]] numbers [[strike:arw]] are [[strike:incorect]] [[strike:inccor]] [[strike:imco]] [[strike:shit]] call me about [[strike:thid]] this.\\ [[strike:Sincert]] Sincerely,\\ [[strike:Robwr]] [[strike:Roner]] [[strike:Ribrt]] Bob
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