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09:00:18 AM Feb 13th 2016
"Kyubey face shots are originally Kero"... really? I thought that trope was older than that. I have no idea where to begin researching that, but I know it's been done for a lot of other mascots besides those two (Totoro, Domo, and Spongebob spring to mind).
10:46:10 PM Jul 20th 2015
edited by leafeon
I'm not sure if the paragraph about the TV show Big Brother being more well known than Big Brother from 1984 is true.
08:27:52 AM Jul 10th 2012
edited by spellraiser
If a character in a work is shown to exhibit Pop Cultural Osmosis (for instance, hears a piece of classical music and remarks how "that's that tune from that TV ad"), how is this trope to be referenced? All the examples I've found of including Pop Cultural Osmosis in the list of tropes for a work involve stating how the work itself contributes to real-life osmosis, but not to in-universe instances of this trope (and besides, it's indexed as meta concept), so I'm wondering whether it's okay to use this trope for in-universe occurences.
08:58:35 AM Aug 13th 2012
edited by DonaldthePotholer
The problem there, as I see it, is that this is not so much a Trope as it is a Reaction that has become commonplace among a population. When used in a work, it's hard to tell (without Word of God) whether the writer intended for said character to be part of the uncultured masses, as opposed to just plain uncultured.
05:38:27 PM Nov 25th 2010
Osmosis, as a word, only deals with the movement of water, cmon guys! It should be Popular Diffusion! Although I guess that isn't as catchy...
04:53:38 AM Mar 16th 2010
One remark under Western Animation is "Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy: are you thinking of Cadbury's Fruit & Nut, Lemmings or Tetris?" The short answer to that is "no", because the first two are actually Dance of the Mirlitons (toy flutes). I don't know which excerpt from the Nutcracker is used in Tetris, or I would clean up the Conversation in the Main Page myself.
08:07:09 PM Apr 18th 2010
edited by Herbarius
Yes, in Tetris it is Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy. I'll clean it up.

PS: There's a whole bunch of music examples still filed under Western Animation, including that one. I didn't dare to move it all around.
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