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03:03:26 AM Jun 9th 2014
Perhaps this would be better off as YMMV.
03:47:03 AM Jun 9th 2014
05:52:21 PM Sep 24th 2013
What does this trope even mean? The description isn't constant, and it mostly seems to be a sinkhole for "3D games suck".
08:25:19 AM Dec 8th 2013
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It used to be about aspects of a 2D game that were not carried over when later games turned 3D. Then it became a complaints page, so it went through the trope repair shop to get fixed but it seems some tropers are intent on highlighting the negative.

For example, Super Mario 64 changed a lot of things expected in previous Mario platform games (shrinking, fire balls, ect), while combat became a lot less frantic in Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time in a trade off for more interesting puzzles. Those were changes inherent to 3D rendering but since those games were well received (Ocarina Of Time in particular was a money maker and both changed the industry forever), they are always removed when someone points out they fit the trope.

It probably has to do with the similarity of terms like glass ceiling, which usually have negative connotations in real life. Similarly, there is really nothing inherently wrong with an adapted story opting to change a few details but because we call it Adaptation Decay, everyone insists it has to be a bad change because decay is seen as a bad thing. (But, as you know, some ceilings are left better off unbroken no matter how possible it should be to break them and decay is often beneficial)
06:44:22 PM Dec 20th 2012
Didn't there use to be a page image? Or was it another page with a screenshot from Bubsy 3D as its page image?
01:52:27 AM Dec 21st 2012
Yup, this used to be the page image. It was removed by an Image Pickin' thread, though, which is linked in the page source.
04:30:54 AM Apr 15th 2012
Note: As per TRS thread, this trope is now objective for "3D port that creates difficulties for production or gameplay".

It is NOT about the quality or reception of 3D!
12:32:41 AM Dec 15th 2011
Would this be better as a subjective trope?
11:14:56 AM Feb 27th 2012
Yes it would, and low and behold, it is!
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