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04:27:23 PM Dec 7th 2011
edited by gnatlet
The Wiki Word to "overly narrow superlative" is funny... except that this Pol Pot. I think I found a way to change it that avoids weasel words and preserves both the original intention and still emphasizes that this guy was a monster.
09:53:49 AM Apr 4th 2011
I think that my cut request was preemptive. If the subjectives and the tropes that aren't meant to apply to real people are removed, then this could work.
10:32:41 AM Jun 9th 2011
I honestly think that anyplace where you cannot even call this F*ck*r a Complete Monster has a major case of Political Correctness Gone Mad
10:03:50 PM Apr 3rd 2011
edited by Future
This guy is so over-the-top evil, he's got to have his own page like Hitler and Stalin.

Have to finish for today now, but this page is under construction. Edit it as you like.