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08:26:49 PM Jun 1st 2011
Could Mecha Mew 2 count as an ascended rumor for his mechanical appearance, which could be compared to the alleged appearance of Mewthree (which turned out to be Mewtwo in the first Pokémon movie with body armor on)?
12:27:48 PM Apr 20th 2012
Could be. My comment on this overview is, though, that Ash and his friends are NOT teenagers. The original Japanese Pokemon states that Ash and his friends are in their 20's. They might look young, but thats only by US standards. Also, I wish this person would have expected the villains' songs to suck. -_- Team Rocket makes sucking their trade-mark, in case this person hasn't noticed. If they don't suck, they're not Team Rocket. Also, this musical is not the only time we might learn that Ash's father might have been Giovanni. There was a Pokemon episode in season 1 that only aired once here in America, where Ash said that his dad was Giovanni and in the following scene, Giovanni was seen watching Ash and Pikachu on one of his screens and TR brought him a Pikachu. Upon seeing this, Giovanni became enraged and yelled "DO YOU OBVIOUSLY THINK THAT THAT IS MY SON'S PIKACHU?!", scaring Jessie and James. The episode hasn't aired since I was a small girl, just barely starting out on my own Pokemon journey on my games. I only remember it because the whole following day, thats all I could think about. In fact, I remember going on a long rant after I read something in Red Version that was about Red's dad, because I thought Red was Ash.
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