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01:52:56 PM Dec 9th 2014
I think this trope needs to be renamed - people seem to not be getting the point of the trope and half the examples are bad/false friends rather than that one evil yet loyal friend.
12:12:43 AM Dec 10th 2014
That's one going to be a hard sell with the 1600+ inbounds.
02:10:48 PM Mar 21st 2012
I don't think I would say this character is necessarily a cynic. The Misa example, for instance.
08:51:04 PM Dec 27th 2011
I don't think Vimes and Vetinari are examples. For one they aren't friends, Vetinari is Vimes's boss, and Vetinari doesn't really display any of the characteristics of this trope.
04:08:38 PM Apr 26th 2011
None of the examples under "Western Animation" seem to fit this trope; while I'm not entirely familiar with the series in question, they seem to be describing bad friends, rather than loyal evil friends.
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