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01:44:57 AM May 19th 2013
I Think we should add Hercules from Spiff & Hercules. He wears it all the time and in one episode (in which Spiff has an an amnesia and thinks he's Hercules) it's lampshaded as his trademark (Spiff does it by wearing it himself). Plus, it's more vistous than the average bandaids, being it all red, in a X shape and placed on his white face cheek. Hercules clearly wears it to look like a badass. And he is, being a cat who beat a dog. He's so sure of his manliness that he allows himself to indulge in crossdressing pretty often.
08:34:47 PM Feb 1st 2012
Personally, I find that bandages are unnecessary for most (small) cuts, though I'd recommend wearing a bandage if dirty work or work with food is ahead.
12:22:35 PM Jun 7th 2010
Apparently the strip over the nose is something a boxer might wear to keep his septa open, being that he's been hit in the nose too many times to breathe comfortably. That guy in Jackie Chan Adventures appeared to be rocking one.
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