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08:18:32 AM Apr 23rd 2010
edited by Fighteer
I just merged the description of Point Buy into this article, per forum discussion. I'm also making Point Buy a redirect.

Edit: I threw up Point Buy System and Point Build as additional redirects, since I saw at least a few of those being used on other articles.
08:04:52 PM Apr 12th 2010
I'm considering pulling out the World of Warcraft example, because it really doesn't fit this trope.

As an explanation for the unaware, World of Warcraft uses a Class And Level system, but at level 10 and every level afterwards, the character receives a "talent point", which they may invest in a talent which boosts a specific aspect of their character. However, this is the only thing that could even be remotely considered point-build, and just about everything else about the characters stats is determined by level.
08:18:56 AM Apr 23rd 2010
I'm inclined to agree; if we don't have a Talent System trope we may wish to add one.
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