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05:29:39 AM Feb 17th 2014
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The following Zero Context Examples have been commented out and copied here. Please don't add them back unless you also add context to show how they fit this trope.


Live Action TV
  • The A-Team was intended to be one giant Plot Tailored To The Party-slash-spoof.

Western Animation
05:29:08 PM Jul 12th 2012
Esoteric or not, Eigen Plot was one of the best titles on TV Tropes and this one is one of the lamest.
06:37:00 AM Nov 11th 2012
"Best titles" do not fail to thrive or bring people to the site. Eigen Plot was stagnating, with barely any use. This title, however, has more than 200 links within the wiki and more than 400 links outside the wiki. This title has proven itself far superior.
11:29:09 AM Oct 16th 2010
I removed Captain Planet from the list. I'm not sure if Captain Planet ever deals with eigen plots (if memory serves, they preferred to pick one or two characters per episode and focus on them), but the entry mentioned nothing of any plots, merely mentioning that they each had a ring. If you think Captain Planet does belong here, please add the show back in, but be more specific in your entry.
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