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04:34:30 AM Dec 14th 2012
edited by Candi
"Arisia from Green Lantern physically ages herself from about 13 Earth years to at least 18 Earth years so she can pursue a crush on Hal Jordan. Later, to make Hal Jordan not look like a skeeve, this was subject to several Retcons, and, in current continuity, 13 years on her world are equivalent to 240 on Earth."

I've never been able to find whether DC addressed that it's not so much if Arisia an adult by Terran standards, it's if she's considered by her own species to be mentally, physically, and emotionally adult and ready to go screw around with Green Lanterns. To me, a handwave that Arisia's species had to meet certain conditions to physically mature, and she used the ring to bypass/meet them, would have been more acceptable then a 'oh, she's definitely old enough in Earth years' retcon.

And is there a trope for that sort of distinction? Terran vs alien maturity, etc.?
11:29:49 PM Oct 19th 2011
Could The Stig from Top Gear be included? They find a baby Stig in Bethlehem and he grows from baby to adult in a month.
09:31:04 PM Feb 8th 2011
The best way to parody this trope? Have the character have a birthday Once an Episode.
01:16:09 AM Aug 10th 2010
I did a major cleanup. I saved everything I had to completely cut, and list them all in the following reply.
01:16:17 AM Aug 10th 2010
Information not relevant to the trope:
  • [StrikerS] Nanoha makes her promise not to use it for "fun and mischief."]]

  • [Dragon Ball] His son Gohan, on other hand, ages throughout the series (he's shorter then Krillin at the start, but by the Cell saga he's taller then him)

    • [Fantastic Four] Today, it's hard to figure out exactly what Franklin's age is. He's usually depicted somewhere between six and ten, but he's also supposed to have a child in the future with Rachel Grey (Marvel Girl)... who is in her mid-to-late teens. And let's not talk about his sister Valeria...
      • Well, Rachel's a time traveler, so her age doesn't mean much. She hasn't even been born in the current 616 timeline. She might actually have to return to her future and hook up with Franklin there.
        • Of course, Rachel's not actually from the 616 timeline, as where she comes from, she's not Nathan's younger sister, she's an only child.

    • [Green Lantern] Of course, that just makes Arisia look like a skeeve [instead of Hal].

  • [Gold Digger]Brianna takes her granny's death very badly.

    • [Mostly Harmless] Trillian explains that it was a poor parenting decision on her part-the daycare wasn't just intergalactic, it was also temporally displaced (for parents who have to time travel a lot on business, which Trillian does), but unlike the Restaurant at the End of the Universe and the Big Bang Burger Bar, which are at fixed points in the time stream, this particular daycare doesn't seem to be anyplace in particular, so when you get back to pick up your kid is unpredictable.

    • [Deep Space Nine]] Specifically, they send the older version of Molly back through the Applied Phlebotinum. The older version finds the younger version on that side and sends her back. The aging and all that went with it is wiped out of continuity by Temporal Paradox.
    • Averted with Jake Sisko, who was played by the same actor through the entire series (apart from the future timeline of "The Visitor") and aged in real time.
      • And going from short kid to tallest member of the cast practically between episodes.
    • I wouldn't say [Klingons live] "much" longer, as the three TOS Klingons were all clearly elderly in DS9, and 24th century humans can live to be at least 137 years old (that's how old Dr. McCoy was in his The Next Generation cameo). Klingons can live longer than humans, but probably not by more than a decade or so.

    • [Stargate SG-1] Averted with Teal'c's son Ry'ac, who was always played by the same actor in all his guest appearances, and thus was always the proper age he should have been. This contrast with Cassandra, who was originally 12 in her first appearance. Another actress, 2 years older, played her in her last appearance, and this made it look like Cassandra had one heck of a growth spur in the intervening 4 years.
      • Do you mean like the kind that tends to happen when humans enter that stage of life in the human body known as puberty which typically begins somewhere around twelve years old? Cassandra's age up is in fact perfectly reasonable.

    • You'd think that when the [Final Fantasy IV] party visits the Feymarch, they'd all age accordingly as well. This Does Not Happen.
    • They only stay less than one day, Feymarch-time (plot wise), as opposed to Rydia's seven years in Feymarch-time. Therefore they were there for even less less than one day in normal time. It's neither Fridge Logic nor a Wall Banger.

Challenged example:
  • Travis Montana goes from a young boy to an adult in between seasons of Starhunter.
    • Somewhat justified as it's stated that 15 years had passed between seasons.

Unsure (and over spoilered):
  • In Terranigma, after Ark from the underworld dies just after meeting the light-side version of himself, the light-side Elle finds a baby resembling Ark on her doorstep and begins to raise him. After the Elle from the underworld fails in killing the baby, the effect of Yomi and the Pandora's Box (I think, I forget that detail just now) magically ages the baby into a fully grown Ark, this time from the light-side.
    • Or, to be more precise, the Ark that grows up in that way is a combination of the lightside Ark and the darkside Ark; at the end of the game, when Crysta and the underworld are destroyed, along with Ark, the lightside Ark *only* is finally reborn above, and returns to Elle as promised earlier.
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