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12:51:01 AM Aug 7th 2011
River Song, does she really qualify? There are several things I would submit as evidence for her removal from this trope:
  • Silence of the Library two parter was written by the producer of Series 5/6. He isn't so much performing achaelogy on some forgotten plot point, but setting the seed for a mytharc for when he took over the series.
  • River Song was introduced in series 4 in the middle of storyline focusing on Donna Nobel. She becomes very important the next series. If River Song does qualify then so should Donna Nobel as Nobel had just as much relative significance to her introductory season and even less long term potential significance than River Song in terms of a likely return.
  • River Song's return was "out of the blue" in terms of us expecting it and how much of it, but the whole "I die here on our first meeting for you, but we had tons of adventures together" makes it clear there would be more of her.
10:14:59 AM Jun 27th 2015
I would agree with that. The same possibly goes for the early references to the arc words; RTD knew what he was doing with them, even if the audience didn't.

I also think the "Into the Dalek"/"Genesis of the Daleks" entry could do with fleshing out. The Doctor Who Wiki doesn't see any connection between the two stories (beyond the presence of Daleks), so I don't really know what the troper had in mind.
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