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01:06:56 PM Mar 29th 2013
It can't do everything. It can't play Wii games
10:01:03 PM Mar 30th 2013
... good talk. Good talk.
06:48:02 PM Feb 27th 2013
edited by darkpowrjd
"Admin notice: This paragraph says all that needs to be said about hacking the PS3. Change it at the risk of edit-banning."

This shows up before and after the paragraph about (guess!) the PS3 hacking incident. This concerns me because there's a lot that could be brought up (such as the Geohot case and Anonymous) that wouldn't be bad to bring up in the article.

I'm thinking this could be more along censoring things because some of the things from PS3 fans I read on forums regarding all of that was nothing short of horrible, and many mods on said forums condoned such behavior. I would hope this is not to try to hide that this sort of thing happened and more along the lines of not wanting things to get heated on this site, but the way people behaved when talking about it, I've seen how out of their way people would go to try to promote the anti-homebrew, anti-hacking agenda. Was this to scare some people off of adding things because they don't want certain things about the dark side of certain fanbases?

Why does this threat exist?
10:58:58 AM Aug 3rd 2011
edited by ennaiv
(This is "aggagal", by the way.)

"The problem with your statement is twofold: 1. the PS 3's RAM is indeed less flexible, but doesn't fit as cleanly between CPU and GPU as the 360's does to begin with, it uses XDR and GDDR instead of GPU and CPU for its RAM specifically. Also: 2. the word of said hackers is suspect to begin with, many of them did what they did because they hated Sony, and several were publicl caught lying. Like the hacker who stated Sony's PSN used out of date software (this was busted by a google catch"

For the first part, you're absolutely right. The PS3 did trade flexibility for more powerful RAM just like you said. I just wasn't sure how to put in that detail without things getting more cluttered.

For the second part, the "hackers" I mentioned referred to two groups. "squarepusher2", who ported SNES, GBA and NES emulators to the PS3, and the "Wii64" team who's trying to port an N64 emulator to it. Both groups tried to use nothing but the PPE and both found that the PPE didn't offer much better performance than Broadway and that they had to rewrite much of their code to take advantage of the SP Es. Neither groups actually broke the security of the PS3, they're just homebrew devs. Again, that's way too much to put in the article, and in retrospect, "hackers" makes it sound like it was failoverfl0w who said it or something.

I don't think a Trivia page is needed, but I still think this information is useful because it allows people to know why games on the PS3/360/Wii look the way they do. Most other pages on game consoles have a section on their system specs, and maybe this article should have one too.
05:56:12 PM Aug 3rd 2011
Well, emulators suck a lot of processing power. The reason for this is that they're trying to use one hardware to mimic another hardware, which is WAY more difficult than software copying. So their info could have easily been the result of them bogging down the hardware of the PS3.

You may be able to put in a spec section, without a trivia tab though. The 3DS article did it, and as I said via PM, I'll gladly help with it.
07:02:56 PM Aug 3rd 2011
edited by ennaiv
That's not it. SNES, NES and GBA emulators also work almost flawlessly on the Wii (which is Power PC based like the PS3 and 360) and the original Xbox, and both can run N64 games with some performance issues. Just like the PS3. Granted, neither had to run games at 1080p, but that alone can't explain the similar performance.

EDIT: Turns out it's because the PPE is just a controller for the SP Es. It sends instructions to and from the SP Es without doing much on its own.
11:24:51 PM Apr 30th 2011
edited by Allhailthetv
Hey, can we remove the "Nearly a week later, Sony finally admitted" part? It (along with the rest of the internet) rather blatantly ignores the fact that Sony wasn't sitting on its ass, it was performing an investigation on what, if anything, was accessed.

EDIT: Straight from the horse's mouth: http://www.joystiq.com/2011/05/01/psn-outage-plus-qriocity-free/
07:12:30 AM May 1st 2011
Nice ass kissing. I am pleased with Sony.
01:22:12 PM May 1st 2011
edited by Allhailthetv
What? I'm ass-kissing because my every word doesn't condemn Sony?
02:14:11 PM May 2nd 2011
edited by
I'm with Allhail. Screw ass kissing, these articles are supposed to be at least more-or-less even handed. I'm pulling the word finally, especially now some jerk's come in insulting people who so much as ask.
08:18:14 AM Apr 30th 2011
I couldn't find any word on LG suing Sony over the Blu-Ray and trying to get every freaking PS3 confiscated. Could we get that removed? (as part of me is also paranoid that we'll be set back into the Dark Ages)
10:07:19 AM May 29th 2011
It DID happen, but LG ended up getting fined for it. You probably didn't hear about it because it was less than a day after that before the PS3 ban was lifted and with it, the drama surrounding LG vs Sony.
04:46:15 PM Apr 26th 2011
Someone should add info about PSN's recent "death" and its consequences. I'm too lazy to but someone should. <3
03:19:50 PM Apr 28th 2011
Nice, thanks to whoever did. Love ya
02:59:01 PM Feb 22nd 2011
Funny thing about the OtherOS lawsuits... the class-action one in the US just got amended with statements Sony made in the Jailbreak lawsuit. In a case of severe irony, Sony's now the plaintiff in one case involving the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) and the defendant in another one. It'll be interesting to see how these two play out, since if Sony loses the one against Hotz, it seems likely they'll also lose the Class-Action lawsuit as well (both lawsuits will be going to court)
06:45:48 AM Jan 6th 2011
edited by BulgarianManiga0
To the guy that reverted (and labeled vandalism) the change with news regarding the PS3 being compromised to the level that not even a firmware patch can prevent unauthorized software from running: Anything that allows <info on how to pirate removed>

Let's assume anything that hints at a way to allow piracy is vandalism. Why the hell is the note about the Wii being softmodded by homebrewers still here then?
07:58:49 PM Jan 6th 2011
Because it doesn't give a roadmap on HOW to pirate. And as far as I can tell, it is not just one person, but several people, including an xbot, who have reverted your edits. In contrast, further back, one other guy tried to promote your shit, but that's 2 against 5.

If you wanna note that piracy has happened on the PS3, that is fine, and if anyone reverts that simple acknowledgment, I'LL restore it, deal?
06:12:56 AM Jan 7th 2011
I must say , that you are an idiot.

Everyone KNOWS that "homebrew" is just a trojan horse for pirating games. And as for the Wii's page, hell I'm not against deleting that too.
05:31:58 PM Jan 8th 2011
I took the liberty of removing your hints on how to pirate from this page too.
10:29:11 AM Jan 9th 2011
edited by RAMChYLD
I was the one that added the initial information on the PS3 being (piracy hint removed). But from what I understood, 1: It does not explain how to hack the OS in detail, and 2: it was to illustrate a case of Enemy Without: had Sony not removed Other OS, this wouldn't have happened, so it should be fine.

I think it the fact that it has been permanently <expunged> should be part of the article, and it should be made clear that this is only happening as a result of the abovementioned Enemy Without trope. No other specifics should be given.
01:26:18 PM Jan 9th 2011
The article has done plenty to show how Sony has made mistakes this generation. And just because it doesn't explain it in detail doesn't mean it doesn't contain hints. Also, Other OS Support was removed due to piracy, which is why Enemy Without is no excuse.
09:36:24 PM Jan 9th 2011
edited by RAMChYLD
I still think Enemy Without an excuse. Look at it this way:

1. Sony did not remove the Other OS option. 2. People who use their console for legitimate Linux purposes wouldn't have gotten pissed off and start searching for methods to get Linux running again. 3. The flaw would not have been discovered 4. The pirates will not have something to use to make their evil plans work.

Applying the Enemy Without example used on the SNESCDROM page, this fits the trope nicely. Just like if Nintendo had not two-timed Sony then the Playstation will not have been conceived, had Sony not two timed well-intentioned hackers they wouldn't have had started looking for exploits on the PS3.

Don't get me wrong. I do own a PS3 and I generally steer clear of piracy, but I feel short changed that my PS3 is not able to run PS2 games (and thus allowing me to put my PS2 into storage and free up the space for a different console), but I also find that Net Front stinks and half of the pages I visit on the console won't even load. Heck, some (i.e. the ACID 3 test) even causes the console to freeze up. Furthermore, I believe in freedom of information and dislike what is going on which I believe is censorship.

But if you still feel that it's not right to put it because the PS3 is just too holy to be marked as flawed, fine. I'm just one guy, you're a collective hive mind. I concede defeat.
05:33:56 PM Jan 10th 2011
Forgive me for noticing, but if anyone was out to make PS3 not seem flawed, the bad marketing it had at launch, difficulty in programming, bad pricing early on would not have been mentioned. The article mentions Sony making enemies, so I'm sure a mention of Enemy Without, with no hints toward or mention of piracy would be tolerated.
06:05:46 PM Jan 10th 2011
BTW, I went ahead and removed piracy hints from the Wii and 360 articles. Fair is fair.
10:03:32 PM Jan 16th 2011
For the record, just because this is being reported en masse, doesn't mean tv tropes needs to add to its publicity any.
10:04:57 AM Feb 18th 2011
I'm sorry, are we Moral Guardians now? Does anybody in their right mind really think that scrubbing a TV Tropes article will stop anyone capable of operating Google from discovering a widely-discussed hack? This is asinine.
10:22:35 AM Feb 18th 2011
Those of you editing other people's discussion comments: "fixing" on the wiki is one thing but doing it here is Not Cool. You guys are not moderators and it's the place of an actual site moderators to intervene in such things.

The rest of you: The word of an actual moderator is that the subject may be reported without going into how-to detail.
07:24:47 AM Apr 14th 2011
I'd love to add more info on the lawsuit between geohot and Sony, the attacks on PSN and how hackers have been affecting online play, but I'm worried that if I do so I'll be considered a vandal.
06:46:56 PM Sep 13th 2010

Sony is not going to be introducing the PS4 in 2011, or any other time. The QVC shopping network is selling advance orders for PS5s!

Ironically, the PS5 is (probably) very like a PS3, only with a PS Eye camera built in and the motion control flashlight included. There should be full backwards compatibility, at least at first. But it looks like Sony will jump directly from 3 to 5.
04:39:39 PM Sep 14th 2010
Well if all it is is just a PS3 with PS Eye, backwards compatibility, and PS Move packaged in, then it shouldn't be treated by the article as a new console. Also, there's very little source material available, and what little does exist is questionable. I think you need to source your info.
08:38:25 PM Sep 23rd 2010
Okay. I think I had a bad source. If it's still there, I'll remove it.
08:42:49 PM Sep 23rd 2010
Ah, it's gone. Thanks. Sorry about that.
08:11:25 PM Jun 20th 2010
08:13:38 PM Jun 20th 2010
Err, bad wording, that was more than a "topic"

Anyway, I just wanted to say this needs a serious update. Games are starting to sell better on PS3 (though not Battlefield 1942 clones), and developers are starting to take this far more seriously, and the 360 less so. Starting to, that is, but should still be noted.
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