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03:11:32 PM Jan 10th 2012
Tweaked the page. Rewrote the description to accentuate the main point of the trope (the "playfullness"), and purged all non-playful examples.

Here's what I purged: (Note: words in bold are my commentary)

Comic Books
  • Albedo: Erma Felna EDF had an appearance of Dael Valderzha, an otter officer and pilot who is infatuated with Erma, who finds that while he might be a bit flighty, he's still cute and a good social dancer. Later, Dael proves his worth when he cleverly and dramatically breaks up a riot with a minimum of violence by flying his VTOL craft just above the civilian rioters and blowing them off their feet with his engine's thrusters. Looks like he's heroic, not playful.

  • Franklin has, well, Otter. Was it playful?
  • Tarka the Otter: His Joyful Water-Life and Death in the Country of the Two Rivers. Seems like a Real Life documentary.
  • Samaki: The Story of an Otter in Africa. Seems like a Real Life documentary.
  • The Star Wars Expanded Universe has Selonians, a giant humanoid otter species. They have more of a hive structure, with a breeding queen and her several mates producing hundreds or thousands of sterile females who keep the colony running. To those unaware of the deeper intracicies of the race, the Selonians appeared as an outgoing, friendly and charitable species. But are they playful?
    • In the X-Wing Series, Corran Horn once talks about his date with one. It went very well until he turned out to be allergic to contact with her fur, she to contact with his sweat. How is this example relevant to the trope?
  • The hrossa from C. S. Lewis's Out of the Silent Planet are described as being something like ten-foot-tall, bipedal, sapient otters. They aren't especially playful, but like dancing and poetry, and are one of the three "unfallen" races, who are free of the tendency to evil and sin that plagues humans. But are they playful?
  • The Xanth novels have "Otterbes", who live in, you guessed it, Lake Otterbe. Like most Xanthian animals, they can talk, and frequently make use of the word "Otterbe" instead of "Ought to be." They are very friendly, and communal, even taking care of a human baby until she was old enough to find her real family. But are they playful?
  • In Small Favor, Harry Dresden finds Ivy quietly watching the otters before the chaos of the coming battle. It serves as a reminder that one of the most powerfull magical forces in the Dresdenverse is in the body of a young girl. It's just a mention of otters, not this trope.
  • Seregil in Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner-Series. Occasionaly turned into an otter for his and reader's amusement. (and it works.) But was he a playful otter?

Live-Action TV

  • For a long time, Nickelodeon Magazine had otters as their running gag and unofficial mascot. Was it a playful otter?
  • Zootles magazine, a spin-off of Zoo Books, features a regular cartoon about the adventures of an otter named Otto and a girl named Allie. Was Otto a playful otter?

Newspaper Comics
  • Bloom County successor Outland had a British otter character called Tim W. Forty. He was named only in the first strip, and was dumped very early on. Was he a playful otter?

Tabletop Games

Video Games
  • Buizel and Floatzel are otter-like Pokémon. They're based on otters, but are they playful?


Web Original

Western Animation

Otter... er, Other
  • Otter Pops. They're otters, but are they playful?
  • This bumper sticker. "Otters are cool" =/= Playful Otter
  • Otters holding hands. Can they be assumed to be playful?
  • Seaweed the Otter is one of many Beanie Babies. She is also a case of Did Not Do The Research as she's depicted munching on... well, seaweed... while otters are carnivorous. Sea otters, in particular, mainly eat marine invertebrates and fish. What about the playfullness?

If you see an example that actually contains a playful otter, please expand it and add it to the page!

P.S.: I applaud the guys who have reworked Playful Otter from a mess into an actual trope! This is just a rather technical fix in an attempt to help the new trope achieve what its creators have intended.
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